• Hygieia Biogenics (P) Ltd

Corporate Overview

  • The year 1889 has seen the birth of the Indian Pharma Industry at the backdrop of the renaissance that has taken place in Bengal to give birth the India's first Pharmaceutical company in the rich Land of Kolkata.

    2012- The year when the saga of glory again rises in the same land to spread sustained Happy Health with the birth of Hygieia Biogenics.

    Hygieia is the Greek Goddess of Health & Protectress against Sickness. She is worshipped in connection to her father Asclepius-The Greek God of medicine. Caressing a snake by Goddess Hygieia & her father depicts healing to all which has inspired making todays symbol of medicine.

    Goddess Hygiea is where we receive the inspiration and symbol to spread sustained Happy health to all, not only by offering class apart formulations but an end to end solution in Health care Industry right from offering a wide range of solution in medical diagnostics, devices, instruments, turn key projects and at length formulations in various therapeutic categories.

    The organization has started playing with the best in the healthcare industry in a short span of time complemented with rapid orientation of result and today our network goes beyond the boundaries.

    We at Hygieia focus on realizing the following values while upholding the highest ethical standards.

    1. Diversity: We respect and include a broad range of people and ideas in its daily operations.
    2. Teamwork: We build strong borderless teams through fairness and promoting shared goals.
    3. Mutual respect: We treat others the way we want to be treated.
    4. Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions, attitudes, and mistakes.
    5. Trust: We act with integrity and can count on each other.
    6. Excellence: We do our best at all times and look for ways to improve.
    7. Innovation: We implement bold initiatives on a daily basis.

    With the Mission to serve our clients with the highest quality healthcare solutions utilizing the latest technology and a resourceful team of professionals, we are working round the clock on numerous strategies to be the one stop health care solution provider in the form of medical diagnostics, devices, instruments, turn key projects and drug formulations in various therapeutic categories both in India and across the globe.

    Each day a new day and we continue striving to reinforce developments beyond measures to deliver Happy Health to all.