• Hygieia Biogenics (P) Ltd

Institutions & Turn Key Projects

Apart from formulations, Hygieia offers a full range of Turnkey solutions which includes diagnostic & medical equipment to fulfil needs for Multispeciality hospitals, research centres, clinics and specialized laboratories. Hygieia counts with a large database of trusted equipment providers as well as a team of trained professionals to ensure the smooth operation of all projects stages, and guaranteeing cost, quality and deadlines. We act as the main contractor, taking on all risks and liability in the different phases of any project we undertake.

Currently we are the privileged channel partner of several market leaders like HLL Life Care, Roche Diagnostics, Schillar India, Sahajanand, Vector Biotek, Janak Healthcare & Tulip Diagnostics.

Our area of product speciality includes set up of:

  1. Trauma care unit, ICCU, CCU, NICU, PICU & Pathology lab.
  2. Therapeutic units like cardiology, oncology, dialysis, infertility, ophthalmology, orthopaedic, dentistry etc
  3. Wound care segment
  4. Blood bank
  5. Mechanized Laundry
  6. End to end Clinical furniture
  7. Commissioning of medical gas pipelines
  8. Digital X-Rays and X-Ray films
  9. Isolation Rooms
  10. Mechanized Laundry for hospitals & other industrial applications

Our area of project specialty includes:

  1. Selection of Architect, Electrical Consultant and Contractor specialized in hospital projects.
  2. Selection of Project Manager and Project Engineer and other staff for the project office suitable for absorbing them, if required, for running the hospital services also.
  3. Formulation of Project Implementation Committee (PIC).
  4. Hospital design, location of facilities, allocation of space for different departments and services with an objective of smooth coordination and effective utilization.
  5. To establish milestones for the implementation of various phases, activities and completion of the project
  6. To monitor the Project Implementation Progress.
  7. To attend the PIC meetings to advise and suggest solutions of problems and in other matters coming before the PIC for discussions.
  8. To coordinate with Architect, Civil Engineers, Civil Contractors and other contractors, if assigned with consultancy services as chief project consultant.
  9. Internal design and layout of the services, and departments including placement of equipment & furniture for smooth working.
  10. Important considerations in respect of Air conditioning, Elevators, Water, Waste treatment, etc. for the specific hospital project.
  11. Determining the need and selection of furniture & fixtures.
  12. Determining the need for and selection of medical and non-medical equipment, medico-technical analysis (particularly medical equipment), their price analysis, price negotiations and in performance (uptime) & maintenance service contracts etc.

Apart from the above Hygieia is also into anti & pro- pregnancy sector, Women Healthcare & Sanitization programmes. With these our objective is to optimise and adapt individual requirements to employ medical project solutions with maximum reliability, ease of maintenance, and featured technology.